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Match program 2016

The match program is ready: the first out on Saturday morning are: Estonia – France, Germany – Denmark. All the best and good luck!

2016_match program


  Chamber tournament 2016 Program      
  Maarjamäe Stadium Actual play 1×15      
    Total time per game 20 min      
Team: Name: Field A Field B Round Kick off
1 ESTONIA 1-2 3-4 1 11.00
2 FRANCE 5-6 7-8 11.20
3 GERMANY 1-3 2-4 2 11.40
4 DENMARK 5-7 6-8 12.00
5 NETHERLANDS 1-4 2-3 3 12.20
6 UK 5-8 6-7 12.40
7 FINLAND 1-5 2-6 4 13.00
8 SWEDEN 8-3 4-7 13.20
    6-1 2-5 5 13.40
    3-7 4-8 14.00
    7-1 3-6 6 14.20
    8-2 4-5 14.40
    8-1 7-2 7 15.00
    3-5 4-6 15.20
    Semi (1×15)     15.45
    Bronze penalties     16.10
    Final (2×10)     16.20
    End ca 17.00      
    Play off schedule:      
  Semi 1 1 vs 4      
  Semi 2 2 vs 3      
All play off games to penalty shoot out if draw          
Penatly shoot out follows standard rules (5 each, then 1 and 1)          
In group stage:          
Winner, 3 points          
Draw, 1 point          
If equal points after last round:          
a) best goal difference          
b) highest number of scored goals          
c) individual game result          
d) lottery        


French team – welcome!

A decision has been made to include the French team this year. The French team is not representing a chamber, but the French community in Tallinn. The captain of the French team is Jimmy Dewerdt from AdCash.

Draw has been made

The match draw has been made! All captains were invited to take part of the draw, but the ones who participated were there to witness. Thanks for the Danish, Swedish and Finnish teams’ captains!

2016.05.21_draw is made (1)

Danske Bank continues support

Danske Bank A/S Eesti filiaal has confirmed to continue their support for the International Chambers’ of Commerce Football Tournament in 2016. “Our cooperation has been most fruitful and satisfying. It has brought lots of joy to players, been initiating numerous cooperation acts between the local international companies taking part of the tournament. This tournament has proved most dynamic and innovative way to establish well-functioning cooperation networks,” comments the main organizer of the tournament, Manager of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Merli Lindberg

We thank Danske Bank A/S Eesti filiaal for their trust and input for the continuous cooperation!


Levadia again chosen partner

Levadia FC was again re-elected as the preferred partner for the International Chambers’ of Commerce Football Tournament powered by Danske Bank. “We were most satisfied with the cooperation from last year – the communication, support was all there. We value highly the established cooperation and look forward to a continuous relations,” comments the main organizer of the tournament, Manager of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Merli Lindberg.

Partner for the tournament

Partner of the International Chambers’ Football Tournament 2015 powered by Danske Bank. The agreement between the organizers of the tournament and Estomasters OÜ has been reached. Indrek Zelinski and Indrek Petersoo will also this year be responsible for the smooth schedule, results’ placement and itinerary involved with the tournament.