2014 Football Tournament game plan is available here – 2014_tournament_program_final

The official referees of the International Chambers of Commerce’s Football Tournament 2014 are: 


NB To keep in mind about the tournament!

  • Please be reminded that referees’ decision is final at every dispute and will not be reconsidered.
  • Even though we provide emergency care at the stadium, the organizers do not take any responsibility to health risks that may appear. We recommend every team to take along a fear amount of bandages, tapes, anticeptic and icegel.
  • Please make sure that every player in your team consumes enough liquid during the tournament. Dehydration can be have severe concequences.
  • There are dressing rooms available with showers at the stadium, but unfortunatly not enough rooms for all teams so that each team can have their own room and could lock them. Therefore, you simply have to bring your stuff to the field.
  • There are 12 members in each team including goal-keeper. All players need to be members of the respective chambers.
  • In case of any doubts, further questions, comments ,feedback please contact the main organizer of the tournament Mrs Merli Lindberg from Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at