Tournament 2014

Saturday, May 24
Maarjamäe stadium

The International Chambers of Commerce’s Football Tournament 2014 powered by Danske Bank takes place on Saturday, May 24 at Maarjamäe stadium. Eight international chambers of commerce have signed up for the tournament this year: American, British, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Swedish and the Junior Chamber International representing the Estonians. These chambers of commerce in Estonia represent approximately a thousand businesses as members of these chambers, which is a fair amount of foreign investors and export drivers.

Learn more about these active chambers of commerce in Estonia from their websites and join a chamber to enlarge your business network and participate at numerous activities such as the chambers’ football tournament! Welcome to cheer at the stadium for the beauty of the sport and the promotion of of healthy lifestyle!

See you all at Maarjamäe on Saturday, May 24!
Merli Lindberg
Manager of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce